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The Art of Aging: Embracing Cunning over Brute Force

Father Time is undefeated, and as gentlemen of experience, we acknowledge this. 

Our reflexes slow, strength wanes, and youthful resilience fades. 

But this isn’t a surrender call. It’s a strategic shift.

Imagine a predator, not dependent on raw power, but on guile and leverage. 

This is the essence of self-defense for the discerning gentleman. 

Forget brute force; mastery of technique awaits.

My approach prioritizes body mechanics, leverage, and applied physics, empowering individuals of all ages and abilities. 

These principles can be learned remarkably quickly, transforming you into a force to be reckoned with.

Empowerment, not limitation. This is the promise. Develop the skills and confidence to safeguard yourself and those you cherish. Learn to exploit weaknesses, maximize your own capabilities, and anticipate potential threats.

Self-defense is just one facet. Situational awareness is paramount. Cultivate a keen eye for your surroundings, identifying potential hazards and navigating them with prudence.

Preparation is paramount. Don’t be caught off guard. By mastering these techniques, heightening your awareness, and taking calculated precautions, you become the architect of your own safety.

Age is not a barrier. It’s an opportunity to refine your approach. Embrace the art of cunning, and navigate the years ahead with confidence and self-assuredness.

Beyond Traditional: Self-Defense Redefined for the Discerning Gentleman

Traditional martial arts programs boast a rich history, fostering physical and mental well-being for centuries. 

However, they often emphasize raw strength and agility – ideal for younger athletes, but potentially intimidating for the distinguished gentleman. 

These programs, designed for weight classes and peak physicality, may not translate seamlessly to the needs of the older adult.

This is where our innovative approach thrives. 

We move beyond brute force, focusing on:

  • Body Mechanics: Leveraging your natural structure for optimal efficiency.
  • Body Dynamics: Understanding how forces interact with your body.
  • Body Physics: Utilizing physics principles to maximize your defensive capabilities.
  • Pressure Points: Employing the body’s natural vulnerabilities for decisive self-defense.


This comprehensive approach empowers individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Regardless of size or physical condition, you can learn to effectively defend yourself.

The benefits are undeniable:

  • Enhanced Physicality: Improved balance, flexibility, and overall health through targeted exercises.
  • Confidence Unyielding: Master the art of self-defense and cultivate unwavering self-assurance.
  • Mental Acuity: Sharpen your focus, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Empowered Security: Feel safer navigating your world, knowing you possess the skills to protect yourself.


This isn’t just self-defense, it’s self-empowerment. 

It’s a commitment to your well-being, tailored to the discerning gentleman.

Watch This Clip

Pull on Belt Push shoulder for Takedown

This takedown can be as nasty and as brutal as you want it to be. Use your imagination for where the striking arm can be and what you can grab.

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Fight Like An Old Man: A Discerning Gentleman's Guide

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Steve H
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Hello Russell!
Thank you again for all of your high caliber materials! Simply the best for my money. Your courses keep getting better and better and I have a lot of them. Awesome material!

Plays perfectly on ALL Devices

Here is a brief synopsis of what is on each of your Fight Like An Old Man DVDs.

Remember: This was filmed primarily in March 2023 and is in Full Hi-Definition in both the Studio for extra clarity and down at the Gym when the techniques demanded it.

Volume 1

We start off with a BANG! Here you will learn the very best ways to set up your strikes, so they have the ultimate effect. Plus I take you on a guided tour of my very best Pressure Point Knockouts and teach you EXACTLY how to achieve them

Volume 2

Once you fully understand Volume 1, you need to understand the very best entry systems, in order to be able to strike in the most efficient manner, whilst keeping yourself safe and off angle at all times.

Volume 3

Sometimes you may be too close to strike or you need to put a lock on someone. Here you get a detailed analysis and instruction of EXACTLY HOW to make locks work and the ones that I highly recommend. Remember: A lock is a break that has not been applied!

Volume 4

There is a massive difference between a Strangle and a Choke. You need to understand which one to use and why it is the best - especially as it requires MUCH LESS strength! Plus I teach you my best and nastiest Strangles that put people to sleep almost INSTANTLY!

Volume 5

Here you are going to learn some drills and techniques that will blow your mind. These simple yet incredibly effective drills will take your skills to new levels - virtually overnight. As a bonus they will enable you to work out what those weird moves in Kata, Patterns, Forms etc actually mean. PLUS enable you to use use your whole bodyweight in each and every technique you ever use. INCREDIBLE INFORMATION!

Volume 6

The Figure 4 appears everywhere in Martial Arts and Self Defense and yet is so mis-understood and under utilised. Learn EXACTLY how it can be used to Break Limbs, Strangle and even crush your opponent into mush!

Volume 7

Armed with all the information on the first 6 DVD's it is time to take your knowledge and skills up yet another notch! Learn the SECRETS to distance control and 4 types of body shot that put the bad guy down faster than a fat kid on a see saw!

Volume 8

Sometimes, things go wrong and that guy has managed to get his hands on you, either grabbing you and / or your clothing, at different levels of threat. Learn how to deal with that INSTANTLY and also MOST IMPORTANTLY learn and understand why most of what you have probably been taught about these threats will get you badly hurt or worse!

Volume 9

It is time to take your skills up yet another notch. I take you though some incredible techniques and at the same time MORE IMPORTANTLY take you through the principles in these, that you can apply everywhere and to all the skills you have built from Volume 1 to Volume 8. Miind blowing information!

Volume 10

Some more insanely nasty techniques that are commonly mis-understood and therefore taught incorrectly. Here I walk you through the EXACT CORRECT method to get the very best out of these and in fact ALL of your techniques.

Volume 11

I can guarantee you this is absolute FACT. Correct DRILLS build the Skills.... and Skills pay The Bills! This means that once you Drill your training correctly, your skills accelerate to new levels. Then those Skills enable you to win and therefore pay the bills. I teach you the EXACT methods required in your drills and give you the top ones that I personally use EVERY training session. This is PURE GOLD information.

Plus your 4 DVD Digital Download Bonus

Make 'em miss, Make 'em pay

Illustration Purposes only. This Bonus is DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

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As an Earlybird member you will receive FREE access to a Webinar with me, Russell Stutely and a very Special Guest. Ask and get your questions answered live.

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As an Earlybird member you will receive a full streaming service in Full Hi-Def of your 11 DVD Set. It is available inside your Elite Members Area IMMEDIATELY after purchase.

We gave advanced copies to a few Dangerous Warrior members - what they said

Garry Waller
DW Member
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Fight Like An Old Man does what it says on the tin. The principles and techniques shown are simple, easy to learn and devastatingly effective, even for an old man like me!
Todays world is dangerous and getting worse by the day. As we age, we become more vulnerable so effective self defence is essential.
This program is designed to enable anyone to quickly learn how the protect themselves, despite the odds. What's more, I can assure you that the service from Russell and his team is second to none..
John Whittington.
DW Member
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Being an Old Fart in the mid 70s, it is so refreshing to view something that is highly pertinent to all ages and indeed, all levels of fitness.
As always, Russell imparts a wealth of knowledge with a clarity of explanation that is both, openly honest and importantly, highly informative.
I have no hesitation, What So Ever, in recommending any of Russells products.
Sincere best wishes.
Peter C
DW Member
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I trained with Russell years ago at a few seminars he did in north east England.
I have many of his training DVD's.
I like fight like an old man as i am a old man but still want to defend myself.
He only teaches what works and no b/s. I like all his boxing training as well. He is a good guy and instructor. Best wishes,
David Petersen
DW Member
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So when you’re 50/50 with the person go off angle where you move your back foot 45 degrees where you can hit him but he can’t hit you then jab and offline your whole torso and feet 45 degrees from him and when you do this make sure your feet are pointing toward him always pay attention to foot placement then a cross with maximum power with foot placement so when hitting Versys V.S bob I am moving watching my foot placement off angle where it is hard for him to hit me and off line taking these different angles of attack because if you just move your head back and forth he will punch where your head is going to go just finished the second DVD a ton of information so important with footwork/off angle/off line for maximum power and 60/40 in you favor in such detail totally awesome .

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I’ve laid bare the secrets. 

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Russell Stutely

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  • Fight Like An Old Man 11 DVD Set - Immediate Digital Download

  • Make 'em Miss, Make 'em Pay 4 DVD Set - Immediate Digital Download

  • Webinar with Russell Stutely and Special Guest.
  • Full Streaming Service of Fight Like An Old Man

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